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  • Sintex TITUS Water Tank Triple Layer
  • Sintex TITUS Water Tank Triple Layer
  • Sintex TITUS Water Tank Triple Layer

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Sintex TITUS Water Tank Triple Layer

Sintex Sintex TITUS Water Tank Triple Layer

SKU Code : Titus-500ltr | Product Code : GIH_P_791 | Brand : Sintex


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Item specifics

  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Insulation Layers: 3 Layer
  • Shape of the Base: Circular
  • Colour: White
  • Other Features: 1)A multilayer tank with white outer layer.2)100% UV stabilised white outer layer.3)Most modern design.4)Threaded lid.5)Extra insert lid – For algae formation protection.6)100% virgin material. 7)Extra packing for product safety.8)Food Grade material (FDA), for hygienic water. 9)Available size 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000 Ltrs
  • Product Type: Blow Moulded


Sintex TITUS Water Tank Triple Layer 

We are a constant fight between the emotional half and the sensible half. Our left brain vs. our right brain. The emotional half may dream big but it is the sensible half that defines the path to reach there. The logical half lets us ‘do’.

At Sintex, we use our thinking to design products that let the world live a practical life. Our left brain works overtime to create products that are simplified, low on maintenance and long-lasting. When the world uses Sintex, it works. For life.

Our products are designed to deliver simplicity. We put substance before style. It is the most sensible thing to do. Derived very much from the same half of our mind that tells us to think twice before anything. To not let emotion come in the way of a perfect solution. We make sense. Because the world needs more of it.



Water is 70% of our life, even science has proved our body has made of 70% water. Without water we are dead. Not only for our body, but water also plays other essential roles in our life too like harvesting, bathing, washing, irrigation, and more. For all these needs we are required to store water for which we have developed water storage solution effectively that kept evolving over the years. Today we have small water tanks for less usage life loft water tanks, domestic water tanks for household purposes, underground water tanks for several kinds of usage like planting and big water tanks for industrial usage or other big purposes. The material of the tank also varies based on their usage for instance we use plastic water tanks for domestic use and steel solid tanks for industrial use. People want running water in their tap to live their independence over and over again along that they want clean water. For this purpose, they want a solid water tank & they go for Sintex TITUS Water Tank Triple Layer


Because of this water tank market is getting bigger with many online tank portals selling the tank over the internet. GetInhours is serving the water storage purpose with a Sintex TITUS Water Tank Triple Layer best water storing tank for household purpose. If you are one the person wondering which tank should you go for. Read more to know why Sintex TITUS Water Tank Triple Layer is a good choice for you.


Location of the Sitex Titus Water Storage Tank

Where you are planning to set the water tank determines your choice of the tank. If you are planning to keep the tank on the terrace Sintex TITUS Water Tank will not occupy much space for it. Just a block of space will be enough for the tank. It is a great choice.



Which Material Do You Prefer?

As we told you in the beginning there are many kinds of tank material available in the market. Steel tanks are used in industries because there are big and huge material is too be keep safe. If you want to want to store big and strong you can go for steel water tanks. Tanks are also available in stainless and galvanized varieties. For general usage or storing the water for household purposes, you can choose the Sintex TITUS Water Tank Triple Layer that will keep the water clean for every kind of water usage at home. Order it at GetInHours at installing a high-quality Sintex tank at an affordable price. 


 How Big is Your Water Storage Needs?

Now you have to choose the size of the water tank, that purely depends on your needs. For industrial purposes, you may need thousands of tons of litre tanks, but for household or general-purpose, you will not require not more than 2000 litres. To keep the water fresh and protected it from the heat you will need a triple-layer tank. 

 Get a Sintex TITUS Water Tank Triple Layer for every kind of household purpose you need. Order it at GetInHours to get 100% product quality with a return policy. 

Buying an item from the Indian sellers at Getinhours has become even simpler with the quick and easy shipping and payment method. Now you can order a product from our Indian sellers and make the payment only when you get the product at your doorsteps. Yes, you get ‘Cash on Delivery’ available at our website when you shop for items from our trusted Indian sellers. Those who like to make online payment also need not get disappointed as we also allow prepaid ordering for all our products. As per your convenience, you can either make an online payment at the time of ordering or get the product in your hand and then make cash payment.


Our shipping and delivery policy covers all the areas of Delhi NCR. You can get your order delivered at any location in Delhi NCR and that too on the next day of the order placement. Yes, we ensure that you do not have to wait for the item once you have ordered it and guarantee next day delivery of the product anywhere in Delhi National Capital Region. 

The seller guarantees of India ensure the buyers do not feel cheated while making a purchase on Getinhours.com . In case a product you have ordered from our Indian sellers is not as described in the product description or is qualitatively poor than what was described, the buyer has all the right to return the product and get full refund of the same before the order is completed or before the buyer has licked the ‘Confirm Order Received’ button. We do not entertain any type of refund for the product delivered but can ensure replacement of the product.


Our sellers of India guarantee any item that does not match the quality parameters can be replaced only at the time of delivery. We do not accept any return or replacement if the delivery man has already delivered the product after the customer review. As a seller service guarantee, the buyer can refund the product if he/she does not get the product delivered at their address on or before the committed delivery date. Moreover, if the product is not received within the delivery time, the buyer is given the right to get a full refund before the order completion.