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Have any issue with the product you have ordered? Don’t like its quality or want to raise a complaint about the delivery? Worry no more!


Getinhours empowers its buyers to raise their voice regarding any issue that they have with their order or the website functioning. Under the Disputes & Reports column, the buyers can log in with their profile information like email id and password that they generated while registration and enter their complaints. As a buyer at our website, you do not have to worry about any type of problem that’s bothering you with the order. Just visit the ‘Disputes & Reports’ page and write down whatever complaint you have regarding our products or services and it will be resolved in the shortest possible time.


As you log into our ‘Disputes & Reports’ page, you will have to write a message stating the complaint. You can also enter the order number and other details if the complaint is regarding any particular order. Our team would get back to you shortly and make sure that your disputes are settled to your best interest.