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Give a new-like feel to your shoes by choosing the best shoe polish brush!

No matter how nice your shoes are, they can start looking worn and ugly over time if nor properly cared for.A pair of leather shoes might last some people only a year—but with proper care, a high-quality pair of leather shoes can last many years. A key component of caring for leather dress shoes is a great shoe shine.Shining your shoes is a simple process that should only take you a few minutes. When dressing for formal events, a pair of carefully shined shoes is a definite must. Just this small detail can give your outfit a more put together and proper feel. Giving your shoes a good shine does more than just make them look great, it also greatly extends their lifespan.

One crucial category of shoe care accessory, and that is the brush! Brushes are crucial for getting the dust out of hard-to-reach places and in so doing, further extending your shoe’s life.A shoe-specific brush is a must-have for everyday maintenance, and you would be irritated to find something lying around your house that does what a good shoe brush does. Commonly made from horsehair, the bristles on a shoe-shine brush are delicate enough as to not scratch the surface of the leather but stiff enough to remove dirt and debris and to work polish up to a shine. Although shoe-shine brushes can be made from more exotic materials, horsehair is consistently accepted as being an ideal bristle material for most shining and cleaning purposes. The brush should be a good enough size such that using the brush is not tedious in any manner or hard to grip.