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Laptop Overnighters - No need to carry heavy bags just for the sake of your laptops/electronics!


A man’s luggage is both a practical and a stylistic decision. You want something that carries all your necessities, is convenient to haul all over the world, and doesn’t look awful. Bigger isn’t always better, especially when you have to carry it. Different trips call for different bags. The family vacation suitcase is going to be all about volume and will almost certainly need rolling wheels to manage the weight, while a business trip suitcase should ideally be slim, easily slung over one shoulder.


The standard man’s laptop case is rectangular, soft or hard-sided, and made from a business appropriate material in a business appropriate colour (black/brown). These are the ideal carry-on for a business traveller who is also checking luggage–smart-looking and large enough to hold papers and a book or a few small electronic devices for entertainment on the flight.


There are a wide range of briefcase styles available. The man who works in a traditional, conservative workplace will want to get a dressier briefcase that pairs well with a suit and helps him look professional when walking into a business meeting. They’re ideal for avoiding checked luggage if your trip is short enough to live out of a small bag.


Sometimes you need to blend your practical needs with everyday style. If you're looking for a handbag that will carry everything you need, while keeping your laptop and personal items organized, the handbags and totes are the perfect solution. With a range of options in all different sizes, there are styles that will work for your daily needs -- whether it's a super stylish convertible laptop bag or a briefcase that will hold your tablet.