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Backpacks are essentials for many types of people like working professionals, travellers, hikers. They are mostly preferred by students since the weight of the back is evenly distributed across the body.  Backpacks are the best since they help you keep organized. These backpacks usually have multiple compartments to keep all supplies and notes separately and in order. The typical backpacks available are padded ones that have foam padded back panel that provides comfort to your back. The freedom to carry all your necessities while keeping your hands free has made this accessory a staple. A backpack has become a practical tool for carrying all the equipment when you are planning a travel weekend, hike or you are heading back to school. Backpacks styles and trends change as per your age and social standing. Backpacks have hit the world of fashion. Initially they were considered school bags, but currently not only can they carry outdoor and sports equipment, but are also casual fashion accessories.

GetInHours has a collection of backpacks for varies needs like for Hiking, Travel, Biking, Office, School, Fashion. Backpacks at GetInHours backpacks help you make a  style statement since they have the latest set of backpacks like the Retro backpack, Sling backpacks with abstract patterns, bright colors, Cool neutrals like gray and black etc. They also offer you trendy office bags which look suave and also hold your laptop and other office essentials. Here at GetInHours backpacks of all fabrics like Cotton Canvas, Nylon, Polyester, Cordura Nylon, Leather, PVC Fabric and these also include water-proof and water-resistant backpacks