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Easy Water Storage Options- Water Tanks

Unmatched quality- We take special care to bring to you products that are high in quality. These water tanks are built with high-quality plastic which is food grade. The brands that we offer to sell in getinhours.com are all quality assured and they are passed through our quality check team before they are sold to you.

Durability- High-quality nylon plastic makes it durable and therefore it lasts for a lifetime. There is no need for frequent replacement or maintenance for a longer period of time. The minimum warranty provided by us is 15 years which exceeds the life of traditional cement water tanks.

Hygiene - When we store water in a water storage tank, the main concern is to maintain hygiene. Be rest assured of the hygiene as the water tanks are closed from with a locked cap. Frequent cleaning is also possible without many efforts. Unlike cement tanks, it has no pores on the wall which keeps it away from contamination.

No acidic reaction- Cement tank can develop pores and crack on the wall surface and therefore the cement may react with the water if the water contains a high level of iron or other minerals. In the case of high-quality plastic tanks, there is no chance of acidic reaction of the water, because the surface of the walls are smooth and don’t allow water to pass through it.

Easy installation and low price- Unlike traditional water tanks, these plastic water tanks are easily installable without much hassle and can be put to use instantly. With the increasing demand for instant use, plastic water tanks are a great alternative. Sintex Water tank Price is comparatively low at getinhours.com when compared with other online stores. We deliver your product to your home thus irradiating all the efforts of transportation of material.