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Buy Water Tank Online in India

A water tank is referred to as a vessel for storing water. Water tanks provide the benefit of storing water for further use in many purposes drinking like fire suppression, household purpose, irrigation agriculture, both for plants and livestock, agricultural farming, chemical manufacturing, food preparation as well as many other uses. Storing the water for drinking purposes is the most common and most important use that a water tank provides. 

About GetInHours – Best Portal for Buy Water Tank Online

GetInHours.com is truly a most prominent online shopping portal with a large range of products leading in India. Among thousands of products and more than a hundred categories, we are providing one of the best portals to order water tanks online. Our portal shopping experience aims to provide a hassle-free shopping experience to customers. We work 24x7 with a promise to deliver the best water tanks on-time across the country.

Our system of portal works on the basis of trust which ensures the best possible support and timely payment to our vendors. The years of trust and helpful working practices makes us the leading online service portal of all time. 

Water Tank Brands and Details

We at GetInHours make sure customer satisfaction by providing different big brands of a water tank. You can choose one according to your preference, also can set a filter in our portal based on the below categories:


    •    Stainless Steel, Aluminium Zinc, and Stucco Aluminium

    •    INNER LAYER (Home supply, Drinking)

    •    LITRE

    •    COLOUR

    •    Different DIAMETER (IN MM)

Among various big reputed water tank brands, we are sharing information of some brands –

Sintex Water Tank

The Sintex industry has been ensuring the quality of plastic-based materials. Serving the people for the last 40 years. This company makes sure quality assurance by proper inspection after the tanks are built and ready for sale. We as responsible online sellers of water tanks provide the best types of Sintex products. We are available with: 

    •    LOFT

    •    UNDERHEAD

    •    OVERHEAD

Plasto Water Tank

Plasto is a well-known name in the market. Popular for sleek and slim in design also very durable and tough. Plasto is made of advanced quality PP material. Plasto serves its consumer with 100% Food Grade Material. 

    •    Safe For Drinking Water

    •    Keeps Water Cool

Supreme Water Tank

Supreme is truly a supreme water tank. Supreme always goes through with 4 impact tests that ensure its high worth quality in water tanks. Supreme water tanks are one of its best available water tanks that ensure different load resistance, drop impact, and coolness. 


Frontier Water Tank

One more trusted brand in our list and most favorite among its users. Frontier water tanks have trusted the world over also serves as a 100% hygienic water storage solution  


FAQs for Buy Water Tank Online


Question- Which brand's water tank should I order?

Answer- We are offering all the big brands of water tanks. You can go for any of the brands by making sure that water stored in the tanks are safer to use and remain in great condition with users. 


Question- What type of water tank do I need to install at my home?

Answer- You should go for the Overhead water tank. We at GetInHours are offering top brands of water tanks that you can choose for. 


Question- Why are tanks available in different layers in the market?

Answer- There are different layers of water tanks available in the market. We have all of them. Double layer to six-layer shows the significance of what tank is made from ESCR (Environmental Stress Crack Resistance) and LLDPE (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene) 


Question- What is the dart impact test?

Answer- Dart impact test done by professionals under the supervision of experts to check the impact strength of the tank. 


Question- Which is the best water tank in India?

Answer- There is not only one water tank that we can tell about. There are many brands that have stepped deep in the market. Plasto Gold is one of the favorite brands in India.


Question- I want to install a small tank for a smaller purpose. Please suggest.

Answer- Sintex Loft Tanks is the best option to install for the smaller storage requirement of water.


Question- How many litres of water can I store in a water tank?

Answer- This depends on your requirement. We have tanks for smaller use to big uses with different storage capacities. We have a Loft water tank for smaller use to 600 to 1000 litres water tanks.


Question- What types of water tanks do I need to install at my home?

Answer- Overhead water tanks are the best for home. You can choose your favorite color and brand that you want to install at your home.