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Solar energy has been classified as most effective of all infinite and rechargeable energy sources and many countries are doing a great job in promoting household and industries to invest in solar panels. The energy from solar panels is used to produce solar lightning. We use the LED (light emitting diode) solar lamps. Solar lamps come with a solar panel, charge controller, battery, inverter and a led lamp. The Solar Lantern makes use of electricity produced from batteries charged by the solar panel. Solar lamps are becoming alternative to kerosene lamps, candles, and electric bulbs. They are the cheapest and easiest methods to preserve the environment and cut down electricity cost. Different types of solar power lights are available, but the one drawing the maximum crowd is the LED lights. The LED solar lights own a number of benefits over the fluorescent lights. They put in more light than the normal fluorescent lights and can function 10 times more than them.

GetInHours have a range of options in solar lamps like LED Solar Garden Lights, LED Street Lights, LED Lamp Chandelier etc. The varieties offered by GetInHours are not only for home use but also to lighten up your private garden or porch. GetInHours provides you not only simple LED lights but various other options that are eco-friendly and give out more light than the normal bulbs or tube lights. While on campus you can buy the lanterns reserved for campers and the latest technology even offers sensor lights. LED color changing options are also given to you. GetInHours is the perfect destination for solar lamps.