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Oven Mitts & Oven Gloves

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Oven Mitts & Oven Gloves

An oven mitt (also called oven glove) is a hand sheathe, used to protect the hands of the wearer against hot objects such as ovens, stoves etc. Many times, while cooking for hubby and babies, we often endanger ourselves to the heat of cookery, damaging the delicate skin which sometimes proves hazardous. Inflammation, boils, burns, swelling etc are common due to recklessness. Oven mitts consists of heat insulation surrounded by light cloth (often cotton) and silicone which makes them steady against such nuisance. The use and trend of Oven gloves have taken a trend and is found in every kitchen of every household.


We at getinhours.com, a leading e-commerce portal, provide you extensive variety of oven mitts just for your needs. We have vivid and vibrant colors and designer patterns available to augment your kitchen's allurement. We bring forth to you tempting quality gloves with attractive discounts to offer. We offer single glove to pairs, bearing in mind the different needs of different people and classes. Each oven mitts have a separate description box just to tell you everything about the details of the product on our website. We give you many options to choose your payment gateway so that you get flexibility in your dealings and purchases.


We have the policy to deliver products in a 24-48 hour period, for someone who's in need urgently, or would want to experience a quick delivery of our products. A special policy of next day delivery is also provided to the residents of Delhi and NCR.