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Hourglass as in history is known to have existed in Babylon and Egypt as early as the 16th century BCE. It is not important that things which are as old as the 16th century have lost their importance in the modern 21st century. Instead, it has occupied its position in many facets of life in some modified and quite modernized form. The hourglass is one such example. It consisted of sand in old days but now it consists of other materials such as liquid, sand etc. The hourglass now adorns shelves, tables, desks etc. It has been very beautifully modernized and modified into looks that are indeed very attractive. The 3-minute hourglass is given to children to brush their teeth for the appropriate time. Therefore, though the applications of it may have decreased yet it remains a part of our lifestyle and decorations of our home.

Hourglasses have not remained a mere wooden and sand time determiner. Instead, they are now a part of decoration to d├ęcor the home and your personal spaces. The varieties that avail in the market are catchy and pretty. AliExpress present before you the ranges of the hourglass that you cannot even resist to buy. The illusion hourglass or the smiling face one- all are irresistible. The most popular and trusted brands like only yesterday, wu fang etc are all set to decorate your home.

Getting your ordered hourglass has become easier with our delivery policy to deliver the Indian products within 24 to 48 hours while any imported product within 7 to 8 days. So before the whole sand falls, order the hourglass and decorate.