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Hand Dryer for your Bathroom

When we talk about hygiene for our bathrooms what comes to our mind is a dry environment. It is very important to clean and keep the entire surface dry in bathrooms and toilets because wet surfaces attract germs and dirt. Hand dryer machine is normally that we find in a commercial toilet but in getinhours.com you can buy hand dryer machine for your personal bathroom use.

As we equip our bathroom with modern facilities and equipment let us see how hand dryer can increase cleanliness and promote good health through practicing hygiene in the bathroom.

Keep you dry

The high blowing power of a hand dryer is efficient enough to dry your hands after wash. It becomes important to blow dry your hands to keep it clean and germ-free. The zero-touch technology helps to keep your hands clean after wash as you don’t have to touch the machine as the automatic hand dryer is equipped with a sensor which starts working with the detection of your hands.

Energy efficient

With the inclusion of automatic sensor system, these hand dryers become energy efficient as there is no requirement of putting the machine on or off. It is powered by electricity and runs with the consumption of a very low amount of voltage.


With the installation of a hand dryer in your bathroom, you are actually helping the environment by saving gallons of tissue papers every month. If people start using hand dryers in place of tissue papers in the bathrooms, then it will dramatically lower the use of tissue paper and thus will take a small step to protect the environment.

Elegant plastic body

The hand dryers are made with a high-quality plastic material which gives it a nice finish and adds to the durability of the product. The size also adds benefit as it can be wall mounted and can be fitted in a relatively smaller space.