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Do you know what’s a flush valve overflow pipe? Well, it’s one of the most important safety features that are present in a flush toilet. At times the toilet fill valve does not shut off or partially shuts off at the end of a flush cycle. During such events, the flush valve overflow pipe is designed in such a way that it transfers the water from the toilet tank (cistern) to the toilet bowl and then finally takes it out the drain line. The fill valve also plays an important role and is responsible for refilling the tank after each flush cycle happens. The flush valve is located at the middle of the toilet tank and has the overflow tube in it.

With time, a fill valve may worn out or become out of alignment due to wear on the valve's components. If water continues to run after you flush it then it means that your valve is leaking and it may be time to replace the fill valve.

Save water and eliminate leaks with a new flush valve in your toilet. A flush valve is a part inside the tank of the toilet that moves the water into the bowl. Toilet flush valves come in different sizes depending on the manufacturing of the toilet and its size.

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