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Throw all the bad stuff on me yet I am as useful as any other. After listening to these lines, there is only one thing which comes to our mind which is a dustbin. The importance of cleanliness in our lives cannot be denied. Maintaining a clean environment is for the good health of all humans, as our health completely depends on the atmosphere. A bad environment is solely responsible for spoiling the health of the people around it. Dirt and disease go together. Dustbins act like containers. They are designed for holding waste until it is disposed off or otherwise removed. These bins are common in most houses since the importance of controlling refuse is crucial to communities all over the world.


Every work we perform or do in our houses somehow generates waste or some form of trash that requires attention and immediate cleaning. Secondarily, the trash cans should be covered to order to prevent the foul smell they produce and the insects and pests they attract which usually carry diseases with them.We at times use special linings which help control these odors. Trash and garbage containers (dustbins) are constructed of sturdy materials like stainless steel, plastic, wood or other metals. Cans and bins are designed and created for use indoors as well as outdoors.


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