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How grievous is that, while cooking your kitchen gets filled smoke, odor and you feel stifled. The whole mood of cooking the luscious meal fades away. Adding to it, many of us face a problem while frying something; the oil and grease gets deposited on the shelves, tiles and walls, making our kitchen grubby.

Chimney and hoods help a lot when it comes to keeping your kitchen neat, clean, and free from odor. Also they give an elegant look to your cooking place. Chimney hoods have revolutionized the way we see cooking now. Chimney suck in the smog, oil, grease, filter the air and remove the mal smell, keeping your kitchen fresh and giving you ease of cooking without getting suffocated.

 They come in various types on the basis of filters, duct or ductless, suction power, hood or straight-line etc. Chimney with the hood is by far the most popular one to suit the needs of kitchen as it does all the work from filtering mal odor to removing dirt or oil particles whereas the conventional ones do only a single job. Filters are the most vital part to look into before getting a befitting chimney as they are the one playing main role in the task of ventilation and cleansing. Follow up here to know about various filters -

  • Mesh filter: filter made up of various layers of aluminum; easy for maintaining, removes all grease particles and unpleasant odor but their suction power get affected as soon as the pores get clogged with dirt, so they need to be cleaned in every 15 days or so.

  • Carbon or charcoal filter: These filters do their job of removing odor perfectly but cleaning isn’t easy though clogged pores don’t affect their performance much is a plus point.

  • Baffle filter: Hero of all the chimney filters, they are best in performance as collected or stuck dirt doesn’t affect the suction and maintenance can be done in 4-5 months.

Chimneys also come in various types based on the location of your cook top as follows:

  • Island chimney

  • Wall mounted Chimney hood

  • Integrated or built-in hood

  • Insert hoods

  • Corner Chimney hood

Buying the right chimney when you refurbish your kitchen, giving it a modern look and keeping it always fresh is very crucial.