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Add Candles to your Interiors

Candles are a representation of peace. When we light candles in our home we try and make the surrounding calm and peaceful. Candles are our partner for birthdays, parties, occasions and are also used to lift our everyday mood. Buy candles online from getinhours.com, we offer a range of candles that suites your every purpose and mood.

Candles for birthdays

We offer a range of birthday candles which are colorful and are paired with music and scents. We have a special character and numeric candles that you can choose according to the age of the kid. Special cartoon character candles are also among the most loved among children.

Candles for occasions

We celebrate many festivals that involve the use of candles. Our special candle store offers a range of original candles that are meant for festivals. You can also choose from an array of imitation candles which are powered by electricity or battery. These are a perfect choice for indoor lighting as they don’t involve the use of fire and therefore are safe when lit indoor.

Candles for those special moments

Use candles on a daily basis to lift up your mood after a long tiring day. We have a range of specially scented candles which are sure to heel your soul and mend your mood. Be it an intimate celebration with your loved ones at home or a special candlelight dinner with that special person in your life, candles are the best thing that you can include to add that special feeling to the occasion.

DIY candles

Not only LED candles and original candles, but we also have DIY candle making kit for you. If you love crafting or want to spend some creative time with your kids and family then this is indeed a great option. Our pocket-friendly candle price and DIY kit price make it more vulnerable for quick sale.