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A house becomes a home when it reflects the taste of its owner which happens only when you keep in mind the littlest of things while designing it. The picture frames, the candlesticks, the bookshelf etc all constitute to the small things that make a house a home. Candle Holder, also known as a candlestick or candelabra, is a device used for holding a candle. The word candle holder was abandoned from the dictionaries prior to 1960. The Candlestick derives its name because of the purpose of securing a ‘stick’ i.e. burning candle with the help of a small cup or spike that is already carved in the candlestick.


Although candles have been surprised by electric lighting in most countries because of the ever-growing production of electricity there are still a few households that light the candles to add some atmosphere to the house in terms of house decorative or on a special occasion.


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