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Why Use 3D Wallpaper for your Home

When it is about using 3D wallpapers for your walls, the main concerns is how durable and real it will be? Well, we solve your worries here. Our 3D wallpaper for wall is durable up to 15 years which is more than an age of paint.  Therefore, we have addressed your first concern of durability. Next comes how real it will look? Actually, 2D wallpapers and especially 3D wallpapers for wall has been specially designed to bring that real feel. As the name suggests, 3D wallpapers give a real effect on the wall making your walls come alive. We especially concentrate on the thickness of the wallpaper. We keep it thin to give the effect of the painted natural walls which prevents the wall from looking heavy.

Choose from a variety of colors and designs

Now when your tensions are addressed it is time to select 3D wallpaper online from getinhours.com. We offer a great gallery of wallpapers to choose from. It has something for all, starting from subtle to vibrant colors and designs that will address different taste buds, we have them all.

Room specific décor

Though you are the best judge to select the best wallpaper that suits well your room interior, but to make the process easier, we have segregated them into room specific. We have specially designed wallpapers for kid’s room, bedroom, living space, and kitchen.

Size and texture of 3D wallpapers

While you decide on 3D wallpaper online shopping, you must be thinking of the different size and finish available with us. Our wallpaper includes small to full wall size. You may select according to your choice. When it is about texture then we have a variety in this as well. Our 3D wallpapers come in texture and finish such as glitter, raised inks, embossed silk textures, foils and metallic.