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Buyer Protection

At Vaishno Merchandise Pvt Ltd, we ensure that all our buyers can shop with full confidence without any worry of information leak. We protect our customer right from the first click they make while entering our website to making the final payment. With our express delivery system, we guarantee that your products would reach your doorsteps within the committed time in the optimum condition. At Vaishno Merchandise Pvt Ltd, we offer different guarantees to provide 100% buyer protection. Here are the promises that we offer as your trusted seller:


Full Refund Upon Not Receiving The Item

If the item you have ordered does not arrive at your address in the committed delivery time, you are bound to get complete 100% refund.



Partial Or Full Refund If Product Not As Described

If you have purchased and received an item that is significantly different from the one you ordered, you can either get a full refund by returning the item or get a partial refund while also keeping the item.

Our different sellers also offer various additional guarantees on their products. As a buyer, you are guaranteed for:


Domestic Return

If you want to return an item and it falls under the return policy, it can be domestically returned without any questioning provided it is unused and in its original packing.


Genuine Product Guaranteed

If your ordered item falls under the ‘Guaranteed Genuine’ category and comes out to be counterfeit, you are bound to get a complete refund of your purchase including the shipping cost.

Our buyer protection works in three simple steps. In the first step, you need to contact the seller regarding your order. If you do not receive a satisfactory response, you can discuss your problem with the seller by submitting a refund request at the ‘Open Dispute’ tab. If you are still dissatisfied, Vaishno Merchandise Pvt Ltd comes to your aid and escalate your dispute to the seller.