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Things to Remember While Buying Toilet Seat

Things to Remember While Buying Toilet Seat

Things to Remember While Buying Toilet Seat

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By Admin Posted On: Dec 28, 2018 at 05:11 PM

Whether you are setting up a new bathroom or you have a broken toilet seat cover, you must invest in a good quality toilet seat. These are the things you should be considering while you buy toilet seat cover online India.


1. Quality material


Make sure to invest in a cover which is made out of good quality material. Remember, you will be using harsh chemicals to clean and disinfect your entire commode. A good quality plastic will easily withstand them and will not react adversely to the chemicals. Remember that your skin will be in direct contact with the seat so quality matter when it comes to a toilet seat.


       2. Avoid unique features


It is best to invest in a toilet seat cover which does not seem to come with many fancy accessories. Many manufacturers will add a little feature here and there to simply hike up the price. But remember, simplicity is the way to go as the more unique features the toilet seat cover has, the more chances of repairing you create for yourself. They also make cleaning and maintain their seat quite a task.


       3. Invest in durability


Make sure your seat is manufactured out of really good quality plastic, which will not crack or chip very easily. Apart from that, make sure that the hinge is attached with quality hardware so the seat does not come off from that attachment which is quite a common sight.


       4. Comfort comes first


Make sure you get yourself a seat which is the right size so it sits on top of your commode with utmost perfection. A seat which is not compatible with your commode will not only be really uncomfortable to sit on but it can also cause a serious accident. An ill-fitted seat will move around when one sits on it and can even make one fall.


       5. Quick and easy installation


Buy a toilet seat which is easy to install and you can do it yourself if the time comes when the plumber is not available on call. It not only makes installation easy but also makes it easy for you to replace the seat in case there is any damage.


       6. The right color


Make sure that the color of the toilet seat you are choosing for your bathroom is a close match to the color of the commode so there so complete visual harmony. A bold color or a color which does not match the color of the commode can stick out as an eyesore and can completely ruin the look of your bathroom


       7. Look for affordable options


There is no need for you to burn a huge hole in your wallet in order for you to get a quality toilet seat. Make sure to visit a reliable online store i.e. Get In Hours, which sells quality products at good prices. If you are in luck, you might as well get a good discount on your buy.  

Now that you know what to look for in a toilet seat cover, go get the right one for you NOW!