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Light up Your Home With Colored Lights

Light up Your Home With Colored Lights

Light up Your Home With Colored Lights

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By Admin Posted On: Feb 12, 2019 at 10:48 AM

Lights do play a very important role in our lives, let it be the workplace or your bedroom, lights have a way of their own of setting the mood. Think of a room with very poor lighting, you won't feel good about the place. One would not even want to stand there. Different color lights have a different impact on our subconscious mind. It has been proven that lights with different colors do have a special impact on our mind. Some colors have a peaceful and soothing impact while some will make you feel uncomfortable and unwell.


It is very important to choose which color light you should have in your bedroom or drawing room or the study room. Colors which have a comforting impact are good for the bedrooms, whereas bright colors are good for the workplace where one needs to be attentive and well focused. Lights are of different types such as wall lights, table lamp, night lamp, textured lights, automatic lights etc. Sitting in your study table doing your homework or any project work with a table lamp by your side itself has an effect on your concentration.


You tend to have a more thoughtful mind, your concentration will be comparatively better. Now imagine yourself sitting in the drawing room in the night with a dim light on your head. Even the thought of it has a soothing feeling, an emotion of ease and relaxed mind which you deserve after working the whole day, after running the same rat race every single day of your life.


Following are a few colored lights and what they symbolize


• White light-   White color is itself a symbol of purity and innocence, white colored lights are often seen in offices and study rooms, to keep the place well lit. This color helps your mind to concentrate more effectively. In fact, led night lamps have white lights.

•Blue color light blue color light is for calmness, there are many led lights of this shade which can be placed in the bedroom.

• Yellow colored light depicts warmth and energy, Brown for reality and strength, orange for enthusiasm and attention, pink for romantic and kindness.


Studies have shown that insufficient lighting has been found to contribute to depression and also in the deficiency of Vitamin D, while well-lighted space is proved to improve mood and energy levels in an individual. Studies have also shown that lighting also affects appetite. When a bright light ( say white light) hits your eyes, it can make the mind think that it's time to stop producing melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that makes your body feel that it's time to sleep. This means that chances of you falling asleep are less in case of bright lights as compared to others. Similarly green light will prompt an individual's sleep while on the other hand blue light will delay your sleep.


It has been known now that light exerts a powerful impact on the brain and also our mood, so lighting up your house with different colored lights should be done understanding the fact that which color helps in what