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Guide to Maintain your Kitchen Sink

Guide to Maintain your Kitchen Sink

Guide to Maintain your Kitchen Sink

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By Admin Posted On: Dec 20, 2018 at 11:56 AM

When it comes to kitchen sinks one of the sturdier ones are made out of stainless steel. They not only have a smart look but also happen to be quite long lasting and easy to maintain which makes them a wise choice for our kitchens. When it comes to maintaining your sink to keep it squeaky clean and shiny we have the following tips and tricks to help you at that. What more? You can now buy kitchen sink online and that too at amazing discounted prices.


1. Once the new sink has been installed in your kitchen make sure to use a sink strainer at the drain of the sink while you are cleaning your utensils. This ensures that any kind of residue or left-over food in the plate gets trapped in the strainer instead of going down the drain to avoid clogging it.


2. Make sure to clean your sink at the very end of the day to keep the sight and odor of a dirty sink away. One of the most effective cleaners is vinegar which also deodorizes the sink without the use of any corrosive cleaner. Take a spray bottle and pour the vinegar inside it to make your job even easier. If you want a little fragrance in your cleaner like the store bought ones then all you have to do is add a few drops of essential oil of your choice in the mix.


3. Avoid using any harsh scrub pad to clean your sing. Use warm water to loosen whatever grime is there and then use a soft scrubber or sponge pad to rub the steel in gentle motions to clean it. Always try to go by the grain of the polish on the steel to avoid getting too many scratches on it which can often make a sink look dull.


4. In case your stainless steel sink is left with pesky watermarks then take some rubbing alcohol or the trusty vinegar in a soft rag and rub the surface of the sink to reveal a spotless shiny sink.  


5. If you want some extra shine in your sink then you can use club soda for it. Spray it on generously and give a good rub after some time to reveal a super shiny sink for your guests to admire.


6. When you clean your utensils with your dish bar there are chances that traces of it are left behind when you are done the washing. These commercial detergents have chemicals in them which can be quite corrosive on the surface of the sink so use some extra water to give your sink a good rinse once you are done washing your dishes.  


7. If your sink drain seems to be clogged you don’t have to worry about your plumber to arrive. All you have to do is pack the mouth of the drain with a good amount of baking soda and warm up some vinegar in a pan. Finally, pour it over the drain and the bubbly fizz will do the job of unclogging your drain in a jiffy.


With these easy tips and tricks, you can now have an enviable sink that you often see in those phony commercials.