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Floral DIYs to Pretty Up Your Space

Floral DIYs to Pretty Up Your Space

Floral DIYs to Pretty Up Your Space

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By Admin Posted On: Apr 02, 2019 at 11:45 AM

Want to give your home a little bit of a unique edge? Then, we are here with a few DIY’s that are not only a treat to the eyes but also quite easy to create even for DIY virgins. These DIYs mostly employ faux flowers and leaves in a way that spices up your home with a look that is very individualistic and not the run off the mill faux flower in a vase.


Polaroid on vine

Do not let your pretty Polaroid photographs gather dust inside an album instead make your memories a part of your quirky décor. For this super easy DIY you would need a few meters of artificial leaf vines in a quality material like silk for a luxe look which is also long lasting. Then, choose an empty wall and drill in tiny hooks. One of the easiest patterns to drill the hooks in is a rectangular shape. So, mark two straight lines on the wall with a significant distance in between.  Then, put the hooks at equal vertical distance. Finally, drape the artificial silk vine from one hook to another and create a pattern and clip in or glue on your Polaroid photos on the vine. You can go for a classic black and white by having the Polaroid in that colour scheme so the green of the vine pops even more.


Faux Flower Monogram

Mark your territory with the prettiest monogram you can imagine which takes only about 30 minutes to make. You will need a thick piece of cardboard, a sharp utility knife, a glue gun, faux flowers of different shapes, sizes & colour and a pencil or marker. Use your pencil to draw the initials you want on the piece of cardboard and cut it out precisely with the utility knife. You can choose to colour the cardboard initial if you want more finesse in your DIY. Then all you have to do is detach the stems from the faux flower if they come with one and glue them onto your cardboard initial until it is completely covered in colourful flowers. This is also a great customized gift to give to your loved ones to hang on their walls.


Pretty up a boring mirror

Whether you are on a budget and transform a boring thrift mirror or have an old mirror at home which needs a make-over, faux flowers will prove to be a superhero. All you have to do is get a bunch of quality artificial flowers online along with a glue gun if you do not have any already. Then you can make a beautiful all around border with the flowers or just glue them to two adjacent corners. For a more interesting look, try to invest in flowers which are of different shapes, sizes and colours. However, if you are in the monochromatic look then consider spray painting your flowers with one solid colour which is your favourite before gluing them to the mirror. You can also go for monochromatic yet glam look by spray painting the artificial flowers in a metallic hue like gold or silver.