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Choose Your Hand Dryer Wisely

Choose Your Hand Dryer Wisely

Choose Your Hand Dryer Wisely

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By Admin Posted On: Feb 25, 2019 at 04:46 PM

A hand dryer is an important machine that is required in the washrooms of the most important public buildings. It is the most sanitary option to keep the hands dry and it is also protecting the environment. By using the hand dryer people are not using and wasting that many paper towels, thus trees are being protected. When the first hand dryer came out, the model was not that impressive, but it was surely a great idea at that time. With time, the technology has advanced, and people have come up with better versions of the hand dryer. Now there are a variety of hand dryers for you to choose from.


As there are so many different models and varieties of hand dryers that are in the market, deciding which one would be best for your business can be a bit tricky. This is why you need to carefully consider all the functions that you want from your hand dryer machine. Here are some of the important factors that you should keep in mind when choosing a hand dryer.




Obviously, this is one of the major things that affect the kind of hand dryer you get. Most hand dryers are somewhat expensive, but when you look at it objectively, you will see that you are actually saving money by buying a hand dryer. A good hand dryer will last you a long time and the amount of money you would have spent over paper towels in that time would be much more than the cost of the hand dryer. Thus overall it is a great bargain and is totally worth it. Some energy efficient models are also quite expensive, but they will also help save a lot of your energy costs.




Paper towels have the advantage of being able to dry the hands rather quickly and people are expecting the same from hand dryers. Better and efficient hand dryers will be able to dry your hands in a few seconds. If you get a hand dryer with high power, then you can be assured that your hands will dry off quickly, but they will also be noisier. On the plus side, high power hand dryers are more energy efficient.




Quieter hand dryers are always preferred over noisier ones. But they use less power so they take a lot of time to dry the hands. If noise is a big issue for you, then you need to sacrifice efficiency and go with quieter models. You can also opt for models which have adjustable power settings so that you can lower the power when you need the place to be rather quiet.




Saving energy is better for both the environment and also your business. So you should opt for an energy efficient model. Powerful hand dryers tend to be more energy efficient as they dry the hands in very less time and thus have a short operating time. Automatic dryers are even better as they get cut off as soon as the hands are removed.


Other factors like the speed, durability, and hygiene are also important, so you should definitely consider all of them before deciding on the kind of hand dryer you will be getting for your business.