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Best Types of Kitchen Taps

Best Types of Kitchen Taps

Best Types of Kitchen Taps

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By Admin Posted On: Jan 28, 2019 at 06:44 PM

Kitchen taps offer a great deal to the personality and functionality of your kitchen. Nowadays customers are much spoiled for choice because of the sheer variety of design.


Uses of Kitchen Taps

The kitchen is an important part of your home where you organize meals for your family and friends. Sometimes the latter will help you with kitchen activities. Thus, you wish to have a kitchen with a great personality and functionality. Kitchen taps contribute a lot to the utility and good looks of your kitchen.


The benefits of kitchen taps depend on the kind you use. Mixer taps provide a sleek look and help to control water temperature. Pull out faucet type provides great comfort and easy maneuverability. High spout taps help in easily washing big pots and pans. In case, you have two bowled sinks, go in for kitchen taps featuring 180 degrees swivel mechanism that can be used for both bowls.


Types of Kitchen Taps

Following are the types of best kitchen taps online which you can buy from e-commerce stores like www.getinhours.com.


  • Single hole


Most common kind of kitchen taps in the market. It is so named because you require only one hole to install this tap and provides an easy to use simple experience.  A handle that is top mounted permits you to control the pressure and temperature of water. Also, the curved head prevents unnecessary splash of water around the border of the sink.


  • Centre set


This tap is called a double hole, double handle faucet. It has two different taps for cold and hot water. It needs 2 holes for installing. They are popular with the whole family because of easy and simple use.


  • Widespread


They are very similar to center set kitchen taps. However, in place of having everything installed on a single plate, they are installed separately as three different pieces. These pieces can be installed between 6 to 6 inches apart as per needs of your kitchen.


  • Pull-out


Such taps come with spouts that are detachable which you can control however you desire since they are attached to a hose. They are highly flexible, particularly while washing dishes and to apply water pressure to every nook and cranny of the sink.


  • Pull-down


It is an added feature to pull-out faucets other than that it can only be pulled in the downward direction and not in any other. This results in controlled flexibility and helps prevent mishaps like spilling water everywhere.


  • Two-handle, One hole


As per the name, there are two handles for hot and cold water. But it needs only one hole for installation, offering more technology to the design.


  • Wall mounted


They are installed on the wall instead of sink. This is ideal if you have less space on the kitchen counter-top.


  • Pot Fillers


They are used mostly for commercial use, particularly for restaurants since their spouts are designed to fill deep basins.


  • Kitchen taps featuring water filters


This is designed particularly for all health conscious families out there since it incorporates a special filter to catch harmful substances ranging from cadmium to copper. They can be set up in an extensive range of styles.


  • Tap with the fold-down spout


These taps are designed when the sink is set up below the window. This is so that when you wish to open the window, you can do it without bumping into the tap. This is possible because of folding down the tap when the requirement emerges.

These are all the major kinds of kitchen taps in the market.