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Always Buy Age Appropriate Gifts for Your Children

Always Buy Age Appropriate Gifts for Your Children

Always Buy Age Appropriate Gifts for Your Children

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By Admin Posted On: Feb 19, 2019 at 12:53 PM

Children are a fan of playing with toys, and there are so many types of toys available in the market nowadays. Though your young children will start playing with whatever toy you hand them, it is extremely important to provide them with toys that are appropriate to their age. Proper toys will help them learn new skills and help them grow. A proper toy for your child would mean that the toy matches his or her age, the skills that he or she is learning and his or her interests. Also, the safety of your children should be kept in mind and if they are too young they shouldn’t be exposed to toys that are small or have small parts which can cause choking.


Newborn to 6 months


The toys that are appropriate for this age are brightly colored and textured. They are also easy to hold and most often make noises. They help in stimulating the senses of your baby. Rattles, soft toys, sleep toys, bouncer seats, teethers, etc. are some good examples.


6-12 months


Babies at this age are quite engaging. They start laughing, crawling, rolling and sitting more. They also start pulling on furniture to try and stand up. Cause and effect toys are best for babies of this age. These toys can be battery operated. Toys that play music or do fun actions on a push of a button are perfect examples.


1-3 years


1 to 3 years old toddlers are always full of energy and they love exploring everything that is around them. Simple physical activities like pushing and pulling, knocking down, lugging and filling and emptying things are extremely enjoyable for them. They learn and discover a lot of stuff at this age. Outdoor toys, musical toys, simple construction toys such as puzzles and building blocks and ride on toys are appropriate for their age. You can easily buy toys online in this sort. These toys help improve their thinking and motor skills.


3-5 years


Preschoolers should be provided with toys that stimulate their imagination and also offers a challenge. Arts and crafts activities, bikes, educational tablets, board games, construction toys are some of the common toys that children of this age group love to play with. Pretend playsets of their favorite TV characters are also extremely enjoyable for them.


5-8 years


Early elementary school children are extremely curious and they love exploring, inventing, creating and conquering. The perfect toys for this age group let them use their imagination in a positive way. Also, many children still enjoy playing with their dolls and action figures. Board games and tablets are also common.


9-12 years


The best toys for children of this age allow them to demonstrate their personality. They start learning how to play musical instruments, play fast-paced games and become efficient tablet users.


13 years and over


Teenagers are quite advanced and enjoy electronic toys. Video games, mobile phones, tablets, etc. are their favorite. Robots, drones, electric scooters are some other good examples.

When you provide your children with appropriate gifts you are helping them better their skills and senses. These little things can help them a lot in the future.