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6 Essential Tips to Help You Find the Right Water Closet

6 Essential Tips to Help You Find the Right Water Closet

6 Essential Tips to Help You Find the Right Water Closet

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By Admin Posted On: Mar 27, 2019 at 11:00 AM

The Water closet is a basic thing, which we use in our day to day life and in most of the homes, the same toilet is used for around 15 to 20 years. Before selecting such a water closet, which is going to give a new look to your washroom, should be better and advanced.


Tips to Follow to choose the Right Water Closet


There are a few things that you should take care before buying a water closet:



A comfortable seat is a must. Toilet bowls come many shapes some are elongated, and some are round shapes. It's is totally up to you to choose the water closet shape.



Manual flush is a common feature, but if you want an upgrade your washroom, then you must look for an automatic flush, so you won't have to touch a thing with your bare hands, and ensure that the toilet is flushed, after every use.



A water closet with classic, perfect lines is an addition to any bathroom. Go for a size that's proportionate to the bathroom area, and if you have the luxury of space, choose one that is comfortably compact and does not overpower the room.

While looking for water closet, you must check the Lid and Flush.  Before you make a purchase, look for features that will make your bathroom experience more convenient. It must be free from flush trouble and lid should easy to move.



They usually come in a standard height for everyone comfort, which is two or three inches higher than the standard height. Choose the height that must be suitable for children.



There are two types of Trap P-trap, S-trap. If you are living in ground level,

S -trap is good for your toilet because it gets easily connects the trap to the ground level. If you are living above the ground floor, then you can choose P-trap because it gets easily connected to the wall.


Flushing Capacity

Toilets are available with all level of flushing capacity like1 litre / 2 litre / 3 litre / 4 litre / 5 litre / and more. Nowadays water is more important and has to be saved for a future purpose. With this, you can select a water saving flushing tank for your bathroom as the best choice.



It is very important to select the water closet of the best brand. There are many brands available for ceramic water closet. Purchasing from the brands always give good results.




There are two water closets first is single flush and second is dual flush models. Single flush models are very common, but dual flush types are gaining attraction these days. The single flush toilets, have a single flushing mechanism and use the same amount of water for all types of waste. In the dual flush model, there are two flushing mechanisms from which you to choose the quantity of water that is being flushed, and depending upon the kind of waste being disposed of.


You can get to see wide varieties of water closet online. You can see different brands selling water closet and can easily compare the price before purchasing.