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5 Reasons that Make Drone Cameras worth the Hype

5 Reasons that Make Drone Cameras worth the Hype

5 Reasons that Make Drone Cameras worth the Hype

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By Admin Posted On: May 17, 2019 at 06:30 PM

Whether you are conducting a survey or a wedding photo shoot drone cameras are here to change the game. And let us tell you that the buzz is real and here is why the drone has travelled from the war premises to the bags of every professional and amateur photographer alike.


       1. Easier on the budget


Before the technological advancement that we witness today, any aerial photo shoot would call for the need of helicopters alongside licensed pilots to capture stills or videos. This, as you can imagine, was only possible with a magnanimous budget most people cannot afford. One can Buy Drone with Camera Online for as cheap as Rs.1000/- . Hence, every aspiring photographer can afford to buy them. Drones have helped open new doors for the craft photography.


        2. Quality image


In the times when even make up is labelled high definition, it is only fair that drone photography also delivers the same quality to survive in market. And, boy does it deliver!  Drones are simple to use and can be set up in a jiffy. With technological advancement drones can not only capture images and videos in full high definition but also come with stabilizing system built into their design for utmost clarity in the shots they capture. So you will never cross your path with another blurry again with a quality drone camera.


        3. Shooting hard to reach places was never easier


Whether you want to take a shot of a crowd during a vibrant Indian festival or capture a mesmerizing aerial shot of a crowded glitzy Indian wedding or shoot the beauty of a jungle from the bird’s eye view, a drone camera will do all it for you. Aerial photography has garnered a fan base for its compelling novelty and captivating beauty. Drone cameras are not only a tool for those into photography but also for those in surveys. They are great for reaching inaccessible areas and also those that might be hazardous for the health of the one photographing the area such as volcanic regions, regions emitting toxic fumes, areas suffering from the wrath of natural calamities just to name a few.


        4. A much safer bet


There have been countless incidents of serious injuries and accidents that have been recorded in the past when photographers or researchers went out in the open to capture scenes in treacherous or unpredictable locations. Drones which can be easily operated with a controller from miles away from the actual location are extremely safe and totally take away the risk of such accidents which is why it has become a favourite in the recent years. 


        5. Better and more efficient data collection during surveys


In comparison to the traditional use of helicopters in photographing the area to be surveyed for extracting data, drones can go much closer. They are also armed with high definition cameras which capture photographs and videos with much more clarity enabling more accurate data collection. It also does the job in much less time as compared to traditional techniques.