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4 Styles of Chandeliers for different Décor Styles

4 Styles of Chandeliers for different Décor Styles

4 Styles of Chandeliers for different Décor Styles

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By Admin Posted On: Apr 29, 2019 at 06:37 PM

Do you feel your home just feels a little boring? Want to add some dazzling charm to it? Well, we have an interesting idea for you. Want to know what it is? We think you know already from the title but just to reaffirm, they are CHANDELIERS! We have picked out 4 of our favorites to jazz up your home sweet home.


The Classic Crystal Chandelier


The extravagance of a shimmering crystal chandelier used to be seen as a symbol of luxury and status of wealth in by gone eras. However, nowadays when one can buy chandeliers lights online in India with exciting deals and discount, most homeowners can afford to add a bit of happy shimmer to their home. Even a decent sized chandelier in the ceiling of your living room or a petite one in your foyer can make one hell of a statement with its ornate crystal work bursting thin shards of rainbow lights beguiling your guests with is hypnotic beauty. This kind of chandelier sits well in a room with elegant and classic décor for a coherent vibe.


The Unpretentious Glass Chandelier


Glass chandeliers come in a plethora of designs ranging from elaborate opulent designs to simple sophistication. We are focusing on the later here for those of you who are minimalist in the heart. Yes, chandeliers today come in a wide variety and the unpretentious glass ones are quite the rage among interior designers to lift up the look of any space in the home whether big or small. They are also quite easy on the pockets of the homeowners without compromising on style. They pair best with minimal décor and add just the right touch of muted flamboyance to your space. You can have them light up any area of your home ranging from the foyer to the bathroom.


The Rustic Candle Chandelier


Bring in the charm of the countryside with the vintage look of a candle chandelier. They offer the look of old school candles and adds a touch of antique elegance in whichever part of the house you wish to adorn with it be it your dining room or over your bathtub in the bathroom. Some chandeliers offer a unique feature where the lights in the hanging fixture flicker to give off a realistic feel. Keep the décor simple and vintage by incorporating floral prints, wooden furniture and antique décor pieces.


The Modern Industrial Chandelier


Industrial chandeliers is a modern take on the classic chandelier concept and if focuses on the magnetic appeal of clean lines and geometric shapes. They generally feature metal pipes and naked bulbs to emit a very industrial chic look. They are also quite moderately price if you buy chandelier online which makes it an effortless investment for homeowners. Home décor is more than often an extension if one’s own personality and style. Hence, this is for those who are a patron of contemporary designs and want their home to ooze an effortless modern personality.