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4 Reasons to get a Loft Tank

4 Reasons to get a Loft Tank

4 Reasons to get a Loft Tank

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By Admin Posted On: May 16, 2019 at 06:49 PM

The hot and humid tropical weather of Indian reinforces the need for continuous flow of water at all times. We use the precious resource for just about everything in our everyday lives from cleaning to cooking to keeping ourselves hydrated under the merciless sun. A water tanks is, therefore, a must have to store enough water for frequent usage during the course of the day. Now there are a variety of tanks available in the market and we will see what sets a loft tank apart from the other ones and why you should getting one for yourself.


A saviour of those living in small spaces


It can be a struggle as it is to find yourself a space in any of the metro cities of the country, but if you have got one then chances are it is not the most magnanimous. As the name suggests, loft tanks are compact enough to fit even into the tight space of a loft. This is what makes them different form most overhead tanks for which you need to designate a separate space in your home such as the terrace. However, if you do not have a terrace or do not want to waste any space in the one you have then loft tank is your absolute best bet. What more? You can even have them installed underground! This also solves the issue of the water in an overhead tank getting scalding hot during the harsh Indian summers.


Easy on the pocket


When it comes to the different tanks that are available in the market the loft tanks sit at the very bottom of the price range which makes them super affordable for everyone, rich or poor. And, if you compare them to the cost of installation or cost of labour when it comes to the installation of cement tanks or even the generic overhead tanks then you will be even more surprised.


Better quality of water


Most quality loft tanks that are available in the market today are made out of food grade plastic so you do not have to worry about any leeching of toxins into the water you store in the tanks. Plastic is also non-reactive and also discourage the growth of bacteria, moulds and algae when cleaned regularly. Leakage of water is another issue with cement tanks after a few years of use but quality plastics are non-porous and averts such a situation.


Maintenance is easy


Compact loft tanks which are made out if lightweight but quality plastic which is very easy to maneuver and clean on a regular basis without involving labor. However, when it comes to cement tanks or even large overhead tanks the situation gets much more complicated. The huge size and depth of the tanks need someone to get inside them for thorough cleaning. Cement unlike plastic is porous and can hold onto the cleaning agent that is being used to clean the tank which is mostly hydrochloric acid bought from the hardware store. This can eventually get leached into the stored water and make it toxic for use.